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Having a family, one must be prepared enough to handle the accompanying changes it offers. Couples must be financially stable, emotionally ready and physically capable to handle the stress that a family could bring. Having children is a byproduct of creating a family. Most would say that a family would not be complete without them.


However, some couples may experience difficulty in having a successful pregnancy. This issue, if not addressed earlier, could possibly branch out to other problems within the family. Furthermore, it may jeopardize the supposed-to-be happy married life. Infertility may not really be a fault of only a man or the woman. It could be both of them, may it be due to lifestyle or congenital. After a year of regular coitus and pregnancy is unsuccessful, the couple could start changing their lifestyle.


Initially, they can start some home remedies when facing infertility problems. Here are a few pointers to consider when planning a change in lifestyle:


Dietary Intake

Always consider that a healthy body would mean healthy gametes. Make it a habit to include fruits and vegetables in the food item. Important vitamins and minerals are needed in the regulation of body processes and hormonal balances within the body. You can achieve this by stuffing your kitchen with citrus fruits, greens such as lettuce and use healthier oils like olive, flaxseed and black currant. These are important sources of essential fats which are requirement of good metabolism and hormonal processes.


Utilize Your Yard

Jogging around your lawn for at least 30 minutes daily could help you maintain a physically fit body. Exercise burns extra fats and glucose deposits so as to keep you healthy. As an alternative, you can meditate and do yoga within your terrace at least for an hour daily. This relaxes your body and mind for a healthier outlook in life.


Manage Stress

After a whole day of tiring work, all you want to do is crawl up your cozy bed and sleep. Stress is always a great factor for infertility. Make sure to have a minimum of 8 hours daily to rest and sleep. If you can’t, you can watch television, cook in the kitchen, watch a comedy show or have a full body massage. The main point is you must relieve your body of stress through diversion activities.


Time Management

You can’t afford a very hectic schedule when you’re trying to get pregnant. Take a leave for a month or two. Both of you can cut some time from your job and stay at home. How can you do the suggestions above if you’re busy 24/7? As I mentioned earlier, you must be ready holistically.


Sexual Activity and Performance

This not like a lottery which says “the more your entry are, the greater the chance of winning”. Try scheduling your coitus every other night or once a day. This is for the husband to prepare physically. Perform coitus at the fertile days of the woman. This starts at 14 days before the usual monthly period. During this time, the woman releases egg cell through the fallopian tube. Coitus during this time would entail higher probability of pregnancy.


Sexual position is as important as those mentioned above. It is recommended that the deeper the releasing point of semen would apparently mean an easier fertilization to occur. The couple could try different positions which could promote deeper penetration.


These are just initial or home remedies for couples facing fertility problems. You will lose nothing if you try those first before going to your physician. However, if still unsuccessful, it’s better to have a talk with your fertility physician for a possible course of action.


In the end, fertility problem is just a normal hindrance in family living. Don’t let it also hinder the quality of life you want to live for you and your loved one. Have a positive outlook in life, pair it with good lifestyle and have a strong faith. Nobody is denied with something they ask, as long as they deserve it.

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